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The diverse applications share the same common approach to action:
the oxygen-based cell metabolism

The healing process is decisive

After every necessary or even desired serious surgery, accidents, fateful illnesses, after complex therapies or with risk patients is the desire of the success of the measure - or the best possible HEALING. And this in the sense of the patients - as well as the treating physicians.

Unfortunately, patients are often discharged much too quickly after an acute treatment or the regneratiosn phase - due to lack of time - is too short.

Here hypO.Oxy supports with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The multiplication of the oxygen saturation fights bacteria, accelerates the absorption of vitamins and growth factors - it accelerates the self-healing powers. Special effects are achieved with the integration of HBO therapy from the beginning - before and after a treatment.

Wound and scar healing

One of the treatments with a very long tradition, is the healing of open wounds. To this day, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is considered the only application for the so-called Diabetic Foot or Open Leg to avoid a life-saving amputation in the last step.

This evidence-based treatment, which has been recognized by physicians and health insurers for over 60 years, demonstrates the power and importance of oxygen. 

First, the increased oxygen saturation accelerates germinating bacteria to fight and "clean" the wounds. The acceleration of growth hormones then further allows the wound to heal faster.

However, the application is not only recommended for open wounds, but is also an accelerator for the healing process - and risk minimizer for associated inflammations - for all fresh scar tissue that is extensive or, for example, under greater stress.

Healing of non-visible wounds

In the case of open wounds or fresh scar tissue, one can observe the accelerated healing process for oneself and see for oneself. Therefore, the healing of non-visible wounds or inflammations has only later become the focus of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Non-visible wounds naturally include scars after surgical interventions on organs or on teeth and jaws. 

However, injuries to the brain are of particular importance. Especially because of the already high oxygen demand - seven times as much - healing is so complex. Not least because an intervention on the brain is usually not an alternative (exceptions e.g. blood clot, embolism, tumor). 

After an acute treatment, the increase of the oxygen saturation for the brain is a real accelerator for the reduction of an inflammation - of course besides the further protection against renewed stress.

In principle, the faster therapeutic measures are taken, the more helpful they are. However, recent studies on war trauma show that inflammatory areas can still be healed with HBOT decades later.

In addition to concussion, injuries to the brain include migraines and migraine attacks. Regardless of the damaged region of the brain in the case of a stroke, HBOT can more sustainably and quickly inhibit inflammation, assist in the development of alternative synapses, and reduce the risk of a secondary stroke. Lifelong recurrent sessions are recommended.

Recent studies have also been able to curb the spread of Alzheimer's disease, if diagnosed. HBOT also confronts the fatigue syndrome that has become more widely known in connection with long covid.

Regeneration after physical maximum load

Not only in professional sports, but also in general competitive sports and increasingly in recreational sports, there is physical overload of the soft tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles. This regaieren first with a simple inflammation, which does not ausgheilt increasingly schiwerieger to heal.  

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the release of vitamins and growth hormones and accelerates the body's self-healing powers. The regeneration time can thus be reduced from a few days to a few hours.

Michael Phelps was able to demonstrate this impressively with his impressive series of Olympic victories, which top performances are possible again promptly after rapid regeneration.

A good choice in combination with beauty procedures

Regardless of whether surgery is necessary or desired, a quick recovery process is the desire. More than with other procedures, the desire for the fastest possible recovery is likely to be particularly high with cosmetic surgery - or the shortest possible downtime.

However, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy not only increases oxygen saturation by 11-14 times, but more importantly increases cell penetration by 3-4 times. The penetration of growth hormones into the temporarily worse perfused scar tissue beshcleun the wound healing and improves the chance of the least possible scarring.

In addition to optimizing scars or skin lesions after tattoo removal, the increased cell metabolism also contributes to easier skin regeneration and higher skin diversity. A fresher appearance and a more active body well-being are the result.

With HBOT, you not only heal wounds, but also inflammation. Cellulitis is a form of skin inflammation, which is reduced by repeated application of HBOT - the skin regenerates, gets better blood circulation and thus tightens.

Fit im Alter

This may well be one of the great wishes of mankind: "To grow old - but stay fit and healthy!"

In addition to the occasion-related treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to improve wound and scar healing, reduction of Entz√ľnudngen or the risk of infections, the area of WELLBEING and VITALIZATION is an essential added value for your attitude to life and an application.

With increasing age also the cell metabolism becomes "tired" and the fast regeneration known from youthful years after a load dwindles increasingly. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps to accelerate this cell metabolism again and to regenerate in a shorter time. No matter whether only after a long flight or an energy-sapping ski doer mountain vacation. But also a regular "push" creates new energy and motivation - or strengthens the immune system and your own "buffer". More...