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Own hypO.Oxy centers will be established at numerous locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a wide range of applications.


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The headquarters of hypO.Oxy Inc. is in Zurich, Switzerland

The administrative headquarters of hypO.Oxy Inc. are located in Zurich. From here the development and coordination of all hypO.Oxy centers takes place - it is also the seat of the Professional and Medical Management.

Please note: HBO therapy is NOT offered at the administrative headquarters.

The first hypO.Oxy-Center - i.e. for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy applications - will start its operation in Zurich. Further centers will follow shortly with the first center presumably in South Germany as well as afterwards in all conurbations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For up-to-date information on when and where a hypO.Oxy center will start operations, we recommend that you register for our newsletter.

hypO.Oxy Inc.
CH - 8001 Zurich

+41 43 456 27 56