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Improved wound healing

For example, large wounds, severe scar healing, inflammation after tattoo removal, also invisible wounds such as after hip, knee or intervertebral disc surgery.

Sustainable regeneration

E.g., after concussions or Mirgräne attacks, after acutely treated strokes, sports injuries, before or after surgery, etc. for high-risk patients.

Beauty & Rejuvenation

E.g. for skin vitalization, improvement of cell regeneration / longevity, for skin inflammations, accompanying various beauty surgeries, rejuvenation, for a fresh feeling of well-being.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The gentle inhalation of medical oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber is called "hyperbaric oxygen therapy" - or HBOT for short. The inhalation of pure or medical oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber increases the oxygen content in the blood by 11 - 14 times and increases the depth of penetration into the cells by 3 - 4 times. The higher oxygen saturation accelerates cell metabolism and strengthens the body's natural self-healing powers. Healing processes of open or even invisible wounds are accelerated and inflammation is reduced.


The hypO.Oxy hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment by hypO.Oxy can be used to treat a wide range of different wounds or inflammations. The focus is on applications outside of acute hospital care. The aim is to accelerate healing processes after serious illnesses, injuries or operations. The improvement of wound and scar healing is complemented by treatments that require a reduction of inflammation - such as that of a concussion or after a stroke.

Oxygen treatment is the gentle inhalation of pure oxygen for a period of 60-90 minutes; usually between 5 and 25 sessions are necessary.

This therapy takes place in hyperbaric chambers that we have further developed. The hyperbaric chambers are completely based on the functions of the high quality and very expensive medical hyperbaric chambers as used by clinics. However, the "inner life" of the chambers does not correspond in any way to that of clinics. You "enjoy" your application in comfortable armchairs with entertainment electronics and plenty of free space. The session is always carried out under medical supervision.   More...

No treatment for decompression sickness

hypO.Oxy has focused on medical, low-threshold hyperbaric treatment in the variety of applications of Hypeable Oxygen Therapy.

The application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has a history of over 400 years. The therapy had its recognition already in 1870 - 1880 during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. During the construction of the foundations, numerous divers were used. It was found out more than 150 years ago that the decompression sickness of divers can be cured with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. In this process, the too fast ascent is slowly repeated in the hyperbaric chamber. Thereby for 10 meters diving depth 1 bar pressure is valid. So for example for 30 meters then 3 bar pressure.

hypO.Oxy, however, applies hyperbaric oxygen therapy mainly in the context of medical regeneration at a maximum pressure of about 1 bar. The duration of stay is limited to about 60 - 90 minutes. Therefore, no decompression accidents are treated.

Likewise hypO.Oxy does not use the HBOT in the context of possible acute illnesses such as bespw. the open leg or diabetic foot. This treatment for open wounds requires interdepartmental measures of a clinic as well as other specifications of sterilization.